Shopping Bag
These bags are used by shoppers to carry home their purchases. Breathe real bags are made bio friendly material keeping in mind the needs of a Modern customer.
Carry Bag
Open bags with carrying handles are used in large numbers. Our carry bags are there to replace the plastic carry bag with compostable ones. Plastic carry bags are the main roots cause of single use plastics. So Breathe real carry bags are the best solution to resolve this issue.
Garbage Bag
Its Typically a disposable bag used to contain solid waste. Our bags are made of natural matter such as corn starch.Once these bags are exposed to enough moisture they will start the process of composting along with whatever organic materials you have inside them. Breathe real compostable garbage bags can be absorbed by the soil to be converted in to compost or fertilizers.
Pouches are used for different storage purposes. These pouches are a great eco-friendly packaging solution. The pouches are great for displaying produce they are the perfect packaging solution for anyone looking to help keep our environment clean by reducing their contribution landfill.
Pet Waste Bags
The quickest, easiest way to get rid of a pet wasteis to put it in a disposable bag compostable Pet Waste Bags are made from resin derived from plant starches, vegetable oils so they just can be used in fertilizers.
Wrapping Cover
Compostable wrapping corners are the solution to the plastic toxic conventional covers required for packaging.
Garment Bag
Typically garment bags are used to keep formal or business attire wrinkle-free. So compostable ones are best to keep the plastic bags at bay.
Nursery Bags
These bags are used to plant seedlings. But rather then conventional plastic bag lour compostable bag will not pollute the soil rather it will turn the compost into fertilizes and thus helping t he plants to grow fast.
Mulch Film
Mulch is used to suppress weeds and conserve water in crop production and landscaping. Compostable Mulch films are used for same to increase the sustainability of agricultural practices and also to overcome the disposable problems associated with conventional plastics films. As zero plastic is used to make these films the productivity of crop growth increases.
Laundry Bags
Laundry bags are used for taking out the laundry. Best suited for hotels, hospitals, resorts etc our bags are environment friendly and best way to replace the plastic ones.

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